LiFePO4 batteries are top energy choices for Electric Vehicle, Solar , power tools and power storage systems, as it is safe , environment friendly, and powerful with long life cycle.

Type of Batteries

Image Data Sheet Product Part Number Manufacturer Description SPQ Stock Unit Price  
IFR18650 IFR18650 IFR18650 KEYSEMI 3.2V,1800 mAH, 65mohm, burst discharge =5C 10 100 150.00 BUY

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IFR22650 IFR22650 KEYSEMI 3.2V,2000 mAH, 65mohm, burst discharge =5C 10 100 200.00 BUY

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IFR26650 IFR26650 KEYSEMI 3.2V,3000 mAH, 65mohm, burst discharge =5C 1 100 220.00 BUY

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